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Electronic Pipe Guide

Product Introduction

          The usage of tobacco has been raising concerns regarding to tits harmfulness to health. The World Health Organization (WHO) had called upon related countries and pass an agreement of The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control after four years’ discussions. The spokesperson of WHO reported that smoking caused the death of 4.9 million people each year, the figure might go up to as much as 10 million annually within the next 20 years. Meanwhile, he also pointed out that the second hand smoke also has serious harmfulness to non-smokers, especially women and children, on view of such circumstances, there appears numbers of research and development of nonflammable smoking substitute is severe; however, they are sharing the ultimate goal to create the best for human beings.
          The scientist group had broken through all the technological obstacles and invented super atomizing electronic pipe. The microelectronic control technology and supercritical atomizing method applied to supper atomizing electronic pipe to extract the high purified tobacco alkaloid diluted liquid, and then atomized into smoky mist. Tobacco alkaloid liquid contains tobacco alkaloid, tobacco essence and normal food additive.
          The invention of Super E-pipe bring us a revolution in the human smoking history. The product not only marked a milestone, but also brought good news to all the smokers and the smokers and those who want to quit smoking. There is no doubt that tobacco damages human health, although it had not yet been considered so seriously when it was discovered. We believe that the super E-pipe atomizing electronic pipe can get rid of harm to humans from smoking.
          The super E-pipe is a nonflammable atomizing electronic pipe, which performs and carries the similar functions and features as the ordinary pipe. It produces a refreshing feeling and fulfills the smokers’ addiction through the delivery of the senses of satisfaction and relaxation. Super E-pipe is the best replacement product of regular pipe.

The Features of the Super E-pipe

Features of Super E-pipe

  • 1. No environmental pollution. The emitted smoke is the atomized mist from tobacco alkaloid liquid, hence no harmful second hand smoke. Can smoke in anywhere, no limit for smoking.
  • 2. No inflammation or other carcinogenic and harmful constituents. No ignition, hence it will not cause any fire disasters.
  • 3. With humanized architecture, simulate the temperature of the emitting smoke and human temperature.
  • 4. Barrier of the electromagnetic wave. NO electromagnetic radiation is allowed.
  • 5. Contains highly purified medical grade tobacco alkaloid, and associate with design of “Nicotine Replacement Therapy”. Realize the aim to quit smoking non-painfully.
  • 6. To enhance the best results, the recommended temperature range to use this product is set between -5 C and 42 C. Wide are as of applications.

Super E-pipe Structure

1. Super E-pipe structure:

          Super E-pipe is composed of a stainless steel shell, lithium ion battery storage micro-electrical circuit high-sensitive sensor, atomizing chamber, cigarette holder, and indicator light at the tip of the atomizing device.

2. Alkaloid Liquid Storage Container:

          The alkaloid liquid storage container contains tobacco alkaloid diluted liquid which is ready for atomized; it does not contain tar of carcinogenic substitutes which are harmful to human body.

3. Battery and Charger:

          The Super E-pipe atomizing electronic pipe is limited to the usage of a 3.7V Lithium ion battery. The battery and accommodated charger cannot be replaced by other lithium ion batteries or chargers.

Product Function And Usage

1. Install method:

          Following the products’ instructions. Take off the battery storage knob at the tip of the pipe to put the Lithium ion battery into the battery storage correctly. Positive plate should press the positive pole of the battery storage.
          Unwrap the atomizing electronic alkaloid liquid container. Pull out the inhaler of the pipe, put in the liquid storage container with open side first in and insert the inhaler. The product is ready to be used.


2. Stand-by state:

          After you screw the fully charged special lithium battery components into the super E-pipe, screw out the package of cartridge and insert the cartridge into it. It will be in the stand-by state.

3. Functioning Mode:

          As soon as the super E-pipe is inhaled by mouth the electronic circuit will start to work. There is an indicator light at the tip of the product that will illuminate red light at the same time. Atomization will stop once the inhaling action ended. When the indicator light is green obviously, it signifies that the battery should be changed.

4. Retrieval Operation Mode:

          After a product has been used for 20 to 30 days, and with a new atomizing alkaloid liquid container is installed and battery fully charged, if it happens that the atomizing quantity reduced evidently, please take out the tobacco alkaloids container. Use a metal object to connect screw with copper pillar. Repeat this operation until the indicator light illuminates for ten to twenty seconds. After functions retrieved, the product can be used normally. However, the operation should not be used frequently.

5. Using the Battery and the Charger

          When using the product, if the indicator light becomes dark obviously, the battery should then be charged with the accommodated charger. To ensure proper charging, please verify the polarity of the battery before charging. After the battery has been charged for 3-4 hours, and the red color of the charger’s indicator light turns green, take it out and cut off the power supply of the charger.
          Need charge at least 12 hours for the first three times. Enable the outmost capacity of the battery.

Attention Lines:

  • Do not place the battery at high temperature area when charging.
  • Do not position the battery in reversed polarity direction.
  • Do not connect the positive and negative terminal of the battery directly with metal object, in order to prevent short t circuit.
  • Do not weld the battery directly and pierce with nails or other sharp steels.
  • In case of battery’s leakage happens, and the electrolyte got into the eyes, please do not rub the eyes. And wash them will clear water immediately and go to hospital for medical treatment.
  • If the battery smells, burning, changes color, deforms or any other unusual case happened during charging, cut off the power supply, and then take away the battery from the device or charger and stop using.
  • The accommodated charger can only be used for the Lithium ion battery of the super E-pipe atomizing electronic pipe. Please do not attempt to use this charger to charge other battery of similar type.
  • If the battery is not to be used for a long period of time, take it away from the device or the charger. Keep the battery stored alone in a low temperature and dry area after fully charged.
  • The nominal voltage of the battery is 3.7 volts and the maximal rechargeable voltage is 4.2 volts.
  • Ensure the minimal voltage of normal use is 2.75 volts.
  • The circulatory frequency of the battery will be no less than 300times.
  • Only the accommodated battery and charger provided by our company could be used for this product.
  • Verify the polarity of the battery before using the product and charging.
  • For first time charging, it is necessary to charge the battery for 12 hours; normal charging time should be 3-4 hours and less than 8 hours.
  • Super E-pipe and atomizing tobacco alkaloid liquid should be out of reach of children.
  • The nicotine contains in the atomizing tobacco alkaloid should be kept away from oral and nasal cavity.
  • This product is a high technology micro-electrical product. Collision should be avoided.
  • Choose different nicotine content from no, low, medium, high by step in case to use the best suitable cartridge for yourself. Choose the best suitable liquid nicotine cartridge using from low, no, medium, high different nicotine.

Warning Function

Smoking indication and low voltage warning function:


The indication lump divided into red and green kind.

  • 1. When normal work the indication light turns red.
  • 2. When the battery voltage is lower then 3.3V, the green indication light will flash for warning, warning frequency is 1 time (about seconds)
  • 3. When the voltage is lower to 2.9v-2.5v, warning frequency will be rapid. When battery voltage is lower than 2.2v, the (electric) circuit will stop working.
  • 4. It will be light dark or will stop flashing (green warning light) when output circuit s have cut down. When the electric circuit doesn’t work normally take out the battery and the charging.

Four Steps To Quit Smoking

          Atomizing Tobacco Alkaloid Liquid is designed according to Nicotine Replacement Therapy. It helps smokers to quit smoking through the method which reduces the inhaled nicotine. The persons who wish to quit smoking may consider the four steps below: Four Steps

  • Step 1: Starting with the High nicotine of Atomizing Tobacco Alkaloid Liquid and use it for four weeks by normal smoking habit.
  • Step 2: Then switch to the Medium nicotine of Atomizing Tobacco Alkaloid Liquid for eight weeks by normal smoking habit.
  • Step 3: Then switch to the alternation of the Medium nicotine of Atomizing Tobacco Alkaloid Liquid and the free nicotine of three weeks by normal smoking habit.
  • Step 4: Finally, quit smoking by using the no nicotine within one week by normal smoking.

Appropriate and Inappropriate User

Appropriate User:

  • 1. The people who have been smoking for a long periods of time and have hard feeling of smoking.
  • 2. The smoking habitants who work in the smoking forbidden area.
  • 3. The smokers who want to quit smoking can adopt the nicotine reducing method carefully in order to quit smoking in a non-painful way.

Inappropriate Users

  • 1. Minors under 18 or 21 years of age.
  • 2. People without the habit of smoking.
  • 3. People sensitive to nicotine or any other ingredients in the inhalant.
  • 4. Pregnant and breast feeding women.
  • 5. The patients who should avoid smoking.
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